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Tommy Hilfiger
Phifer Group language services for Deutscher Bundestag

Streamlined Service You Can Trust

We’re a collective of freelancers with similar and complementary skills.
We support each other in brainstorming, information sharing, and subcontracting when necessary.

Translation & Transcreation

7 language pairs with specialization in marketing, product listings and legal.


Our Native Speakers know just the right words and phrases to inspire trust and a real human connection to brands.


Crafted by well-seasoned linguists and wordsmiths, our copy will convert where it counts.

Editing & Proofreading

Professional and thorough, you can rely on our sharp eyes for all your editorial and proofreading needs.

Customer Testimonials

“Accurate translations and reliable service. I highly recommend to anyone.”

Mary Mana

“Fast response, excellent and friendly service.”

Martin Langer

“Really fast in helping with English editing & proofreading.”

Eva Janicki

“I’m thrilled! Price performance ratio is really super :-)”

Bixia Yao

“So I’ve been thrilled by the professional of my documents. It is also important to stress that they are in a very short time. I can recommend to everyone a priority.”

Nicole Goncalves de Carvalho

“Great service, great communications”

Patel Sanjay

“It is a privilege to work with such a professional and inspiring group of people!”

Mandy Wolf

“Amazing team! I am glad to be a part of the Phifer Group!”

Nani BosqueVerde

The Professional Language Specialists Rendering Your Order

Kasey Phifer

German, English

“After more than ten years’ work experience in online marketing and translation, I can honestly say that I’m living the dream: I work with a strong group of individuals in The Phifer Group who are talented, creative, passionate and compassionate. They all embody a unique form of trust, adaptability and desire to continue learning that I haven’t experienced in another company, ever.

I take my responsibility to this wonderful team quite seriously. It’s two-fold, really: I guide the marketing and business decision making for us to make a living (i.e. paying rent, feeding their children) and I also design how we live. The Group is set up with transparent checks and balances so each freelancer doesn’t have to compromise on quality of life.

It’s utterly amazing to see what can grow from this foundation of trust and communication. Anything is possible.“

Kasey Naví Phifer grew up in a small town in Northern Minnesota, USA. She makes time to practise healing arts regularly and dabble in other fine arts such as music writing, fictional writing and recording family stories. More about her professional life can be found on

Mandy Wolf


“Kasey and I have been close friends ever since we met during our work at Zalando together. So many hours in our lives are spent working — The fact that I can now spend my ‘work time’ with her and other like-minded people is wonderful.”

Mandy, originally from Northern Germany, lived in Leeds with her English husband for a number of years. She and her family now live in Berlin. Mandy has been working with The Phifer Group for more than three years in a freelance capacity.

Oliver Gascoigne

English, German

Oliver is a native UK English speaker, strictly balancing his time between work at the German Foreign Ministry and freelancing with The Phifer Group. He renders translation, editing and proofreading.

Yanina Grunewald

Office Admin & Language Services (Spanish)

“I started not long ago in The Phifer Group and it feels already like being part of a family. I love that the team is so cooperative with each other. The workflow gets optimized everyday because we do our best.”

Yanina is German-Argentinian and based in Berlin. She has 5+ years experience in translation with heavy focus on SEO and online marketing. Her passion is textile design and creative adventures in Berlin.

Ashley Washington

Copywriting, FinTech & Dev Specialisation

Ashley, a strong and sensitive and too-smart-for-her-homeland kind of person, broke from her superficial days in New York City winning beauty pageants and working in web dev and FinTech. She re-located to Berlin, Germany, where she met Ms. Phifer in a park and it was instant bliss.

The two Taurus goddesses have, since 2016, never ceased to create and inspire and challenge one another to continually question societal norms and the algorithms defining them. The two pretty much mark the spot on Google Maps where beauty and brains (and braun) collide.

Floriane Monteiro

Language Services (French)

“I enjoy working as a member of the Phifer group because we all have a good team spirit, and it is a very good work environment”

Floriane is a French translator and interpreter. She has completed her Bachelor’s Degree in English Language, History and Literature. She is currently studying her Master’s Degree in Literary and Press Translation in France.

Chiara Liuti

Language Services (Italian)

“I’m really glad to be part of this amazing group. The way we can cooperate together and the warm atmosphere we can e-breathe makes any new project a new adventure aimed to one specific result: to perform the best result, always!”

Chiara is a native Italian speaker with an advanced English level certificate. Her innate passion for perfect writing led her to work with brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Louis Vuitton. She also cooperates with law firms located in Europe and Switzerland as a legal translator, but she loves jazzing things up with odd translations for the online world of gaming and ecommerce.

Chihiro Sato

Language Services (Japanese)

“The Phifer Group is a trust-based, friendly and active culture company”

Chihiro is a native speaker from Japan with 5 years’ experience in professional Japanese language services. Her language services rendered include various topics from health and FinTech to marketing and art. She currently resides in Berlin, Germany.

John Lugo

Language Services (Spanish, English), Strategic Development & Art Guidance

“I’ve known Kasey for years. We go back about a decade, cutting our teeth in the Berliner startup world with navigation app dev and other tech mischief. I couldn’t be happier for her, building this really tight and streamlined, successful group. She’s an amazing, multi-talented individual constantly moving forward and creating new ways to find meaning in life. She’s the best, hands down, and I love contracting with her and the Group.”

John has nearly one decade of work experience focused on connecting the right people with whatever they think they need. John uses his bilingual English / Spanish abilities and his fluent German to create connections between businesses and bridges the gap between the present moment and the imminent future. He’s contracted with private companies in creative and emerging industries at the forefront of re-thinking the way we live in this world.

Jewel Mondros

Offline Graphics & Offline Office Admin

“I absolutely love the flexibility of contracting with The Phifer Group. It doesn’t matter when or how stuff gets done. At the end of the day, we’re all on the same page and have a really cool way of just, like, connecting with each other. It’s pretty cool.”

Jewel is a US-american artist residing in Berlin. She frequently travels and hold exhibitions in different time zones. Her talents with watercolour, pen and paper far surpass any digital graphic designer’s capabilities. Her unique touch adds a soft charm to bespoke pieces for clients, and to The Phifer Group’s office in Berlin.

Raymond Lauron & Janelle Josol

Marketing, Office Administration, Affiliate & Press Relations

“I like diversity, and working with different nationalities give me the opportunity to know more about each person’s culture and what their country is like. Working in the Phifer Group is like travelling the world without leaving home!”

Raymond has been an Online Office Administrator and Junior Marketing Manager for over 5 years. He has built his experience starting in Transcription, Customer Service, and Office Administration Training.

Janelle has been working as an Executive Assistant and Customer Support Specialist for over 3 years. Her passion for working with people and continual learning has led her and her partner Raymond to start their own training service for Virtual Assistants to fill a crucial need of many digital nomads and online sellers.

The two are quintessential digital nomads, moving house every few months and traveling through Asia. They’re usually based out of the Philppines.


We value your trust. We are conscious of how our words impact others, and believe passionately that business does not require compromise on ethos or time spent with loved ones.

Each member of the Group has unique specialities and strengths, which we share with one another in regular Connection Sessions (formerly called ‘meetings’).

Software we use include MemoQ, Slack, Trello and Google Suite.

Privacy & Discretion

If your need requires special data protection, please visit our Privacy Policy.

Kasey is the member of the eponymous Group with the most suitable hardware and training to handle enquiries requiring utmost discretion:

  • Phone her directly on any of the numbers on this website.
  • Send snail mail to The Phifer Group, Attn: Kasey Phifer, Raw Space Building, 111 Gloucester Road, Bristol, BS7 8AX, United Kingdom.
  • Be advised that there are security cameras on the premises if visiting the aforementioned address.

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