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We love sharing ideas, exchanging information, brainstorming and discussing sensitive matters in person. Berlin is our most secure location and also where most of our independant contractors are located. If you’re visiting from out of town, you can also crash in our Berlin and Bristol offices for a few nights. Nestled in the heart of the most happening districts, you can enjoy the nightlife and live music then come back to the office for a shower, sleep and coffee before getting to work.

Bespoke Coworking Building
865 Market Street
San Francisco
United States

Office hours (local time)

Mon – Fri: 8am – 1pm
Sat: 8am – noon
Working Sundays is optional
+1 650 681 925

RawSpace Coworking Building
111 Gloucester Road
United Kingdom

Office hours (local time)

Mon – Fri: 9am – 5pm*
Sat, Sun: closed
*Later appointments available by arrangement only
+44 739 487 015

Collective Global Headquarters
93 10245

Office hours (local time)

Mon – Fri: 10am – 6pm*
Sat, Sun: closed
*Later appointments by arrangement only office[at]phifergroup.com +49 176 578 65 80

Undisclosed Location
Due to concerns for safety of persons and property, we only meet in public spaces upon appointment only. Thank you for understanding.

Office hours (local time)

Mon – Sat: 7am – noon
Mon – Sat: 4pm – 8pm*
Working Sundays is optional
*Later appointments by arrangement only
+1 650 681 925

Let’s Connect in Real Time

It’s a global world with constant movement of people and ideas.

Not finding a suitable time to schedule a chat?

Simply write us any time via email or SMS to the numbers above. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours. Please remember to give us your preferred communication channel:

  • Telephone
  • Skype
  • WeChat
  • Zoom web conferencing
  • Snail mail to the Bristol office

Looking to Hire The Phifer Group?

  1. Browser our Portfolio. Feel free to ask us for more portfolio items that we don’t publicly share (such as agency work and ghost writing).
  2. Check out our reviews on TrustPilot and Facebook, plus brand portfolio and testimonials.
  3. Check out our Rates. We’re flexible with prices depending on how much is ordered, how often and when.
  4. Request a quote or simply get in touch to see if we have the right skill set you need.

Seeking to Join The Phifer Group?

  1. Make sure you align with our mission and values. These aren’t spelled out for you here — hopefully you’ve been clicking around our social presence thoroughly and have gained enough insights from different sources.
  2. Submit an application via Facebook messenger or Linkedin or email. Please include CV, portfolio, availability, motivation for application, work availability and current time zone. If you’ve taken a personality test such as Meyers-Briggs or DiSC, please include this with your application.
  3. If your work skills meet our standards, we’ll examine your personality and work ethic next. Be prepared for a rigorous interview process including practical tests of skill, review of your astrological birth chart and calling references.